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Help Fight Crime

Keeping our college communities safe is a collaborative effort. The College Police, Facilities Services personnel, faculty, staff, students and our neighbors all play a role in identifying unsafe conditions, reporting crime and alerting others to suspicious people and circumstances.

Part of our commitment to maintaining a safe learning and working environment is rapidly addressing problems. Not only do we want a safe campus, we want a campus where people feel safe. Creating this environment requires constant vigilance and a quick response to perceived problems.

Incidents that warrant immediate attention include fights, loud arguments and any crime in progress. Report persons using drugs, alcohol or carrying weapons and suspicious behavior such as persons loitering after classes are over for the day or persons loading district property into private vehicles. Graffiti, poor or inoperative lighting, water leaks, and other maintenance conditions should be reported immediately also. Everyone is urged to program the College Police Dispatch telephone number (619) 388-6405 into their cell phone. Reports may also be made by using the emergency call boxes located in most parking lots on campus, in classrooms and in elevators.

Reporting crime is everyone's responsibility. If you see a crime being committed on or around campus or are a victim of a crime, report it immediately.

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