Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Diego Community College District Police Department is to maintain peace and order and a safe learning environment throughout our District.

We are committed to providing high quality police services that are responsive to the diverse needs of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. We are equally committed to providing these services for residents and businesses of the communities in which District facilities are located.

Our Department will contribute to safety and security by enforcing all laws, by developing partnerships to prevent, reduce or eliminate problems in the college community. We will provide police services that are fair, unbiased, judicious and respectful of the dignity and constitutional rights of all individuals.


As professionals of the San Diego Community College District Police Department, we are committed to the pursuit of:

  • Providing a level of service where crime and fear of crime are virtually non-existent.
  • Becoming a recognized leader setting the standards for policing in an educational environment.
  • Implementation of crime prevention and public safety programs that will enhance our working relationships with local and educational communities.
  • Becoming a high performing team that uses cutting edge technologies and has achieved the highest standards of excellence.


These Core Values and Beliefs reflect our guiding principles.

Pride: Positive attitude, sense of worth and dignity; demonstrating a high level of service.

Integrity: Adherence to strong ethics and moral values.

Loyalty: Allegiance, faithfulness.

Accountability: Responsibility for one's actions.

Interpersonal Respect: Treatment towards others as we wish to be treated.

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