Mutual Aid

Many federal, state and local police agencies enter into mutual aid agreements to provide emergency assistance to each other in the event of disasters or emergencies. These agreements often are written, but occasionally are arranged verbally after a disaster or emergency occurs.

The SDCC Police Department is a member of the San Diego County Law Enforcement Assistance Network (SDLEAN). L.E.A.N. is a committee made up of representatives from various city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The committee addresses inter-agency and mutual aid communications issues, making protocol recommendations to the San Diego County Police Chief and Sheriff's Association.

The SDCC Police also have representatives assigned to the University and Campus Law Enforcement Task Force (UCLET). The task force, created in June 2010, is comprised of campus police officers from San Diego County and Riverside County. The mission of UCLET is to share information about campus related crimes, crime trends and staffing issues. The agencies assist each other in special events and crime suppression.

San Diego Witch Creek Fire 2007
SDCC Police officers participated for two days in the Firestorm 2007 mutual aid effort that was coordinated by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and included law enforcement agencies from around the county.

Alcohol & loud parties
SDCC Police also provided mutual aid assistance to the SDSU Police over a three day period in 2009 in an enforcement detail known as the Community Assisted Party Plan (CAPP).

CAPP is a joint effort involving the SDPD, SDSU police, the City Attorney's Office, local property owners, and community members working together to curb nuisance behavior at chronic party houses in college area.

Juvenile truancy
Since City College is located between two high schools, SDCC police officers at City College also meet with San Diego City Schools Police and SDPD once a month regarding K-12 student truancy and conduct truancy sweeps 3 to 4 times per semester.

SDCC Police staging at Grossmont High School with other agencies. En route to the Wildcat Canyon area of the fires with our assigned squad. Standing by on a perimeter in Muth Valley with Coronado officers. Possible looters on motorcycles were reported in the area, but the report turned out to be unfounded. Reuniting a lost Labrador named Dixie with her family in Muth Valley. Driving back to San Diego after a 14 hour day.

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